The Culture Association and Youth Movements in Hamburg  

I. Valuable Fragments of a once Flourishing Culture

Culture Association and Youth Movements! Culture and Youth! These words sound so wonderful, so promising and meaningful for the future!

However, when we put the attribute “Jewish” before the words culture and youth – where can we find former Jewish youth and culture, where can we find the Jewish youth movements and Culture Association in Hamburg?

Both topics have indeed been researched, even partly illustrated, pro and con arguments were analyzed – but in the town’s memory, beginning with the fateful past of 1933 until today and into an uncertain future – the highlights have become weaker and weaker; they usually do not light up Jewish culture and youth history. Only from time to time the past is brought to light:

  • A name has suddenly come to mind,
  • A handful of pictures were discovered by chance,
  • Here an incomplete newspaper article,
  • There some historical quotations,
  • And some rediscovered group pictures,
  • Or a faded ad –

These are the precious remnants of a formerly flourishing culture and dynamic youth, members of the Jewish youth movements and culture association – with cheerful children serving as enthusiastic spectators as well as active participants.

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