…and the two boys, Walter and Lutz  
The saga of a family whose light was extinguished

I. The Lichtheim Family

We knew them as “Walterle and Lutzele”. That’s how they were called by their loving mother, Margarethe Lichtheim, née Monasch. They lived not far from the Carlebach family in beautiful Palmaille Street in Altona, where we often met. The mothers of both families were befriended. The father, Georg Simon Lichtheim, was the director of the “Gas and Waterworks” in Altona. His name was mentioned very respectfully in the whole area. However, in the year l933 he was dismissed from office, having been accused of “Jewish pollution” of the Waterworks. He died a few years later in the presence of his son Walter. This is how the registrar described it:

“Mr. Georg Israel Lichtheim, head of the Gas and Waterworks, off duty, of Mosaic faith … died on 5th September 1939 at 4.30 in his home… Registered according to oral testimony of his son Walter Israel Lichtheim… The reporting person identified himself by means of the Jewish identity card. He explained that he was present at the time of his father’s death. He read out, approved and signed:

Walter Israel Lichtheim.”

Walter, not yet 18 years old, thus witnessed the tragic moment und signed the paper with his beautiful signature, including the enforced additional name “Israel” – confirmed by the enforced identity card for Jews.