Lotte Carlebach-Preuss – a highllight that started in Berlin...
Berlin 1900 – 1942 near Riga

Who was Lotte Carlebach?

More accurately: Elisheva Chana Charlotte, née Preuss,
Berlin, 16th December 1900 – 26th March 1942 at Bikernieki Forest near Riga.
Lotte Carlebach, the mother – she stands for all the mothers whose fate in the Holocaust has not been recorded anywhere.

From an article in the German-Jewish newspaper “Die Laubhuette”, 1934, titled “The Jewish Mother”, written by Rabbi Dr. Joseph Carlebach:

“… The happenings on the big stage of history… are not the real sources of life; they are not the true creators of life’s undulating currents. These lie deeper. They are concealed in the mystery of human creation and family life, and the mother is their central supporting pillar.” 


From one of Lotte’s letters to her friend Cary Moeller, April 1939:

“…Until perhaps the bell of happy reunion will toll after all.”

However, it must be said in advance – This hour has not and never will come…
But Lotte Carlebach, who thought and wrote this way – in her yearning and with her vigor, humor and hope, up to her last tears on 26 March 1942 –
is presently brought back to life and she will talk to us through pictures and letters.

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